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Simonopetra Monastery (Greek: Σιμωνόπετρα, literally: "Simon's Rock"), also Monastery of Simonos Petra (Greek: Μονή Σίμωνος Πέτρας),
The monastery currently has 54 monks. The hegumen (abbo) tis Archimandrite Eliseus. It is famous for tis luxury. It has offered its hospitality to royalty.

This monastery prides itself for its choir.
Their most popular performance is a hymn to Virgin Mary, chere nimphi animphephte, hail unwedded bride. It is on Youtube at and we are currently evaluating it.
We play it on high quality hi-fi equipment. Our past reviews have been in classical music, mainly quarters and Wagner operas.
First impressions:
The first reaction of an audience is the spacial effect, surround sound, that surrounds the listener, and this would earn positive marks in an evaluation by the faithful. However, this is a technical issue that the chorus master as well as the recording engineer are responsible for. The weight of a musical interpretation falls on the conductor. The Berliner Philharmoniker souds different under Karajan or Celibidache. The quintessence of music lies in the subtleties of conducting, however such concepts are alien to most Greeks and this includes the monks of Simonopetra.

But, adopting criteria from classical music to monastic art is inappropriate, you will say.

Bravo! and an encore with variations:
Adoption of western technique by monastics is inappropriate and grotesque.

This review will continue.

still working on this, please come back




Notable monks
Theodosios Simonopetritis
Emilianos Simonopetritis
Methodios Simonopetritis


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Macedonian Bottling Company has obtained permission to market water near Simonopetra.

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