Athonite Academy history

The Athonite or Athonias Academy (Greek: Αθωνιάς Εκκλησιαστική Ακαδημία) is a Greek Orthodox educational institution founded at 1749 in Mount Athos, then in the Ottoman Empire and now in Greece. The school offered high level education, where ancient philosophy and modern physical science were taught.[1] With the establishment of the Athonite Academy the local monastic community took a leading role in the modern Greek Enlightenment during the 18th century.[2] It aroused the hostility of more conservative circles and was shut down in 1821, but reopened in 1842. The Academy's function was also suspended in 1916–1930 and 1940–1953 due to the World Wars.

Notable graduates of the Athonite Academy

Cosmas of Aetolia
Athanasius Parios
Nicodemus the Hagiorite
Rigas Feraios
Iosipos Moisiodax
Eulogios Kourilas
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