Xenophontos Monastery

This is not Athos-Xenophontos Monastery

Xenophontos Monastery along with Pantokratoros and Koutloumousiou monasteries has been fighting Athonite Orthodoxy, against the rest of monasteries. It is an instrument of American geopolitics.

In this video watch the close protection of the policeman. The Greek American Archbishop was declared persona non grata by the Athonite community.

On October 15, 2023, in the service held at the Xenophontos Monastery Hegumen Ephraim of the Vatopedi Monastery, along with Xenophontos Hegumen Alexios, Pantokratoros monastery Hegumen Gabriel, and other monks and priests, participated in the service with "priest" Vasyl Lilo of the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine, OCU. The rest of the Athonite community denounced this act.

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