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About Athos Forum

This is a multilingual forum for Orthodox Athos (Agion Oros). φόρουμ Αγιον Ορος, athos monasteries forum, φόρουμ μοναστηριών του Άθω, форум афонских монастырей
forum afonskikh monastyrey, форум на атонските манастири, forum na atonskite manastiri, форум светских манастира, forum svetskih manastira, forumul mănăstirilor athos, ათონის მონასტრების ფორუმი, atonis monast’rebis porumi, athos klöster forum, forum des monastères athos, foro de monasterios de athos, منتدى الأديرة الآثوس
muntadaa al'adyirat alathws, աթոնի վանքերի ֆորում, at’voni vank’eri forum, աթոնի վանքերի ֆորում, at’voni vank’eri forum.
Although primarily oriented toward serious articles and discussions on Athos, important issues of Orthodoxy will be hosted. Monastics, clergy, theologians, philosophers, anthropologists, natural scientists of all nations and creeds are encouraged to submit articles or comments. There is no censorship provided a single principle is adhered to:
Athos (Agion Oros) is a unique, sacred place, a monument of the spirituality of humanity.
What this forum is not: web space for miracles, endless arrays of icons, sermons of monastics and clergy. nationalism, racism, gender issues, scandals.
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Μπορω να γραφω Ελληνικα?

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Ναι. μπορείτε να γράφετε Ελληνικά, επίσης Γαλικά η Ισπαμικά.

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