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Of the main monasteries which is the most traditional. less modern? Thanks

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I think Konstamonitou monastery is the least modernized. It is in the north of the peninsula, almost cut off/

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Simonopetra, Vatopedi are most modern, no spirituality.

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Do you know a spiritual geronda at a kalyvi? I want to become monahos.

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και εγω το ιδιο me too. Ο ηγουμενος στη μονη Παυλου εχει χαρισμα! the abbot at Pavlou monastery!

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Ο Πατριάρχης βλάπτει το Αγιον Ορος?

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Stavronikita monastery is small and poor and kind of hidden from the world. I want to know more. Anyone has experiences please share. Thanks

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How can I have a religious experience? I cannot go to Athos. Can I chat with a monk?

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This is not an easy task. You can seek advice from Orthodox monks, however you should be prepared for a long difficult journey. You may begin here:

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Who were the desert fathers?

Average: 5 (2 votes)

Who was St Nilus?

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Do the monks of Athos see God?

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