A database of incidents of persecution of Athos monks

A database of incidents of persecution of Athos monks

Monks of Athos have been persecuted, prosecuted and have been suffering psychological and physical punishment.
Here we maintain a list of such incidents. Your feedback, objection, corrections, additions welcome/

Esphigmenou Monastery

Multiple instances of human rights violations: under siege, denial of medical treatment, food, legal prosecution, physical assault foe refusing to abandon the thousand-year tradition of the Holy Mountain and the canon of Orthodox Christianity.

Skete Agia Anna
Father Theophilos of Mikra Agia Anna of the Fraternity of Thomades was denied medical treatment (eye operation9 because he, along with all twenty monasteries, protested the Patriarch's breech of Orthodox canon.

Skete of Kafsokalyvia
Father Symeon was denied access to medical treatment.

Megisti Lavra monastery
Father Savvas was ousted from the monastery without a trial for signing the letter of protest to the Patriarch.

Koutloumousiou monastery

Father Cheruvim of Megist Lavra (?) was ousted from his cell without a trial.

Source: https://www.kivotoshelp.gr/index.php/orthodoxo-bhma/1324-giati-adikos-me...


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