The peculiar relation of Greeks to Christian Divinity

The peculiar relation of Greeks to Christian Divinity

The spirituality afforded by the Eastern Christian Orthodox Church surpasses that of any Christian Church or denomination. This is due mainly to the psaltic art (chanting), the church milieu (architecture, icons, incense) and the biology of eastern Mediterranean male. The psaltic art of Eastern Christian Orthodox Church is superior to that of wester Churches. There are only a few moments in western religious music (Mozart's Requiem, Bach's arias in St. Mathew Passion, and Beethoven's Agnus Dei in Missa Solemnis) that can get close to the heights of Eastern psaltic art).

The relation of the Greek male is at odds with this picture. At the slightest provocation or mishap. the Greek male may utter "F.... Panagia!". Panagia is Virgin Mary, the mother of God, the Most Holy. Similar exclamations are directed toward God (Theos) and Jesus Christ (Christos). In similar situations wester males may utter exclamations like "Fuck", "Shit", or in France "Putain!"

Oddly enough, if a few moments after these blasphemous utterances there is an earthquake or the man stumbles, the Greek male will utter exclamations of plea for help, "Panagia mou!". my Virgin Mary!

The picture of Muslim or a Jew who avoids even uttering the name of Divinity mingles with the above thoughts.

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